Hi there & thanks for visiting my website. I'm Nicholé, an Independent Distributor for SeneGence International (the makers of LipSense). ​I was born and raised in Minnesota, went to school for fashion and have been in office technology sales for almost 20 years. I am a single mom to an amazing, very active, 10-year-old boy (D’Jimon) & an Australian Labradoodle (Oliver).


I joined SeneGence in March 2016 to get a personal discount on “magic lipstick.” This was before I knew about the other amazing products we carry for all ages of men & women. SeneGence has brought so much more to my life than just great products. It’s built my confidence, has given me extra income that I’ve never dreamed I’d get from selling part time & I’ve met many amazing ladies that are like sisters to me!

Forte Belleza is a place where you can discover all things SeneGence beauty, skincare, and sisterhood.
But beyond just the products, it is an opportunity to empower and inspire ourselves. Allowing us to not only feel beautiful but to also embrace our strength.


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